High Speed Impact Dot Printer BP−9000E
AUI.,Co.Ltd Printers
HighSpeed : BP-9000E 846cps(SSD mode,15cpi)
7 resident LQfonts
1+8 multipart forms capability
2 emulation modes : EPSON ESC/P2 IBM 2391
132Kbyte data buffer
interface : Centronics (IEEE 1284 NIBBLE),RS-232C,USB(USB2.0 Full-speed),10/100 Base-T Ethernet
High Speed Flat Bed Printer FB−600E
AUI.,Co.Ltd Printers
User-friendly interface, Graphic LCD depicting printer status, and two slide levers with easy access.
Stable and reliable paper handling, 4RD(4 Roller-shaft Drive) makes sure the form gets through.
Enhanced interfaces. Parallel USB, Ethernet(standard), RS-232C(option)
Printable on a variety of media, Invoices,receips,tickets, and other forms printable with removable tractor unit(front/rear).
Maximum 2.0mm thickness capability. Accommodates thick cards for mission-critical printing in offices, shops and factories.
Extremely High Speed Flat Bed Printer FB−7700/FB−7600
AUI.,Co.Ltd Printers
Extremely HighSpeed : 660cps(SSD mode,15cpi)
・FB-7700: 110 columns
・FB-7600: 82 columns
7 resident LQfonts
1+6 multipart forms capability
3 emulation modes : EPSON ESC/P2 IBM 2391 OKI 5530SC
256Kbyte data buffer
Can be used in various environments due to its flexible media handling capabilities enable to print on a wide range media including passbook, invoices, tickets.

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